Infection prevention

Whole body wash with HiBiScrub® to help protect yourself from infection for up to 6 hours

By: Mölnlycke Health Care, January 2 2012Posted in: Infection prevention

Whole body washing is simply head-to-toe washing before having surgery. However, rather than using normal soap or shower gel, an antiseptic skin cleansing liquid, such as HiBiScrub® is used instead.

Instructions on preoperative body wash prior to surgery

Watch the video to learn the importance of whole body wash and how to do it.

Print instructions on how to body wash prior to surgery

The whole body wash should be carried out twice, the night before surgery and on the morning of the surgery, using the following procedure*:

1. Wash your face with undiluted HiBiScrub Plus especially around the nose, avoiding your eyes and ears.

2. Use a clean sponge, working downwards, wash your armpits.

3. Continue washing downwards and wash well around the groin area.

4. After washing all these important areas, rinse off under the shower.

5. Now repeat steps 1 to 4, but this
time starting with your hair.

6. After a final rinse, dry yourself thoroughly with a clean towel and put on clean clothes.

 *For each wash use approximately 25 ml - that is 50 ml per shower. Please see local instructions as variations may occur.

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