The BARRIER product range offers optimal protection and functionality

All BARRIER® products are designed to ensure the best possible patient safety and comfort. From the BARRIER range of drapes to the full assortment of BARRIER surgical gowns, surgical masks, surgical headwear and scrub suits offering an optimal barrier against microbial migration to the BARRIER® EasyWarm® blanket, offering a solution for perioperative patient warming, BARRIER offers protection and functionality to help keep patients and staff safe.

The BARRIER product range

Surgical headwear

Different styles and fits to suit all shapes, sizes and operation types

Surgical masks

Soft, comfortable, bacterial filtrating masks to reduce the risk of infection

Scrub suits

Single-use scrubs in low-linting material, produced in a controlled environment

Clean air suits

Single-use CASs help contribute to an ultra-clean environment

Surgical gowns

Wide single-use gown range to help achieve an ideal mix and cost efficiency

Warm-up jackets

A comfortable way to stay warm in often chilly O.R.s

Cardiovascular drapes

CABG, pacemaker, thoracotomy and valve replacement

General abdominal surgery drapes

Laparoscopy, perineal resection, appendectomy, breast, haemorrhoidectomy,...

Obstetric drapes

Caesarean section and forceps delivery

Orthopaedic drapes

Bilateral feet and knees, hands, hip replacement, knee arthroscopy and...

Paediatric surgery drapes

Designs and sizes to fit the specific needs of paediatrics 

Urology drapes

Abdominal cystectomy, cystoscopy, percutaneous nephroscopy, TUR

Universal drapes and sets

Wide assortment to cover all needs


Easy-to-use patient warming solution made for the whole perioperative environment

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