Design a better heal

We want to help you to provide optimal healing potential and the best possible pain-minimizing solutions. Never compromise when it comes to what is put closest to the wound.


Improve healing using dressings with Safetac

Safetac® is a unique adhesive interface that has been proven time and again to prevent the pain, trauma and stress that delays healing. Read more


Design a better heal with Mepitel and Mepitel One

Mepitel® dressings protect an undisturbed healing process, whether it's for one day or up to 14. They are clinically proven to minimize the stress that delays healing. Read more


Building a better heal

By constructing your own "dressing", starting with a Mepitel or Mepitel® One wound contact layer and following with a second layer appropriate for the specific wound, you can create an optimal wound-healing environment. Read more



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