Design a better heal with Mepitel and Mepitel One

Mepitel® is the healthcare favourite that has been helping patients experience less painful healing for more than 20 years. Mepitel® One is its single-sided adhesive partner. Both dressings feature Safetac® and a unique design that makes them ideal on their own or as a base for a custom solution using secondary dressings.

  • Uniquely formulated for undisturbed healing, the Mepitel dressings are indicated for up to 14 days, with only changes to the secondary dressing – saving staff time and letting the wound heal in peace
  • High transparency enables monitoring of healing progress at a glance, with no need to remove the contact layer – minimizing disturbances to the wound site that can impede healing
  • Maintains quality and performance properties over time, no residues, no drying out, stays-on
  • Prevents the maceration and stress from pain that are proven to delay healing
  • Widely tested and clinically proven in clinics worldwide
  • Minimizes costs – fewer dressing changes, less patient pain and optimum healing conditions


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