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Negative pressure wound therpay system traning course

By: Mölnlycke Health Care, February 27 2012Posted in: Negative pressure wound therapy

Negative pressure wound therapy from the experts in wound careNot everyone knows everything about negative pressure wound therpay (NPWT), so Mölnlycke Health Care has created a simple, self directed learning tool for you.

As different clinicians and practitioners have different requirements – some are confident handling the Avance® NPWT System, for others it might be their first time – there are different levels of education. 

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate and
  • Advanced

Course set-up

These short courses can be completed at a time that is convenient for you. Throughout the course there are some basic questions that will reinforce your learning. There is no time limit to complete the questions. You are the one learning, you are the one dictating the pace.

Beginner's course

The beginner's course is suitable for persons that have little or no previous knowledge of NPWT. The course contains an introduction to NPWT, information about when and why to use NPWT, and an introduction to the Avance NPWT System from Mölnlycke Health Care.

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