Negative pressure wound therapy

Dynamic exudate management software driving the Avance pump 

By: Mölnlycke Health Care, June 25 2014Posted in: Negative pressure wound therapy

Dynamic exudate software monitors wound exudate levelsDynamic exudate management is the intelligent pump software that monitors wound exudate levels. Depending on the level of exudate, the software adjusts its flushing cycles to move the exudate toward the exudate canister of the negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) system.

How it works

Every five minutes, the pump flushes air into the tubing to ensure that exudate is moving toward the canister. The intelligent software in the pump is able to detect the presence of exudate in the tubing. As a result it will adjust the frequency of flushing to help move the exudate through the tubing.

If there are large amounts of exudate in the tubing, the software will detect this and set the pump into motion, flushing up to four times per minute in order to help move the exudate from the tubing into the canister.

When exudate levels reduce in the tubing, the pump will flush between every 15 seconds to five minutes. Because this intelligent exudate management software adapts to the situation, it is impossible to say how often the pump will flush in every situation.

This dynamic exudate management is in operation throughout treatment even if there is no fluid in the tubing.

Blockage detection

The intelligent software also detects blockage(s) in the tubing and will automatically initiate multiple flushing actions. If the blockage still persists, the pump will sound an alarm.

+ 4 unsuccessful cycles (15 seconds)
+ 15 second flush
= blockage alarm

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