Reducing the risks of shear forces — Using Mepilex Border

Mepilex Border is an absorbent, self-adhesive dressing that is indicated for the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers. Mepilex Border, through its unique five-layer structure and unique soft silicone adhesive Safetac® interface, has been demonstrated to add three-way protection against the risk factors present in pressure ulcer formation and provide less pain during dressing change.

Dressings with Safetac allow you to lift and replace the dressing without its losing its adhesive properties. Therefore, you can check the skin condition on a regular basis to match many current pressure ulcer prevention protocols without having to change the dressing.

In-vitro test results demonstrate that Mepilex Border can help decrease the effects of shear forces on tissue by up to 50 percent during wear time. Without Mepilex Border, unprotected skin is exposed to the damaging effects of shear stress2.