Intra-patient controlled trial of Mepilex Lite dressings

By: Mölnlycke Health Care, March 25 2013Posted in: Radiotherapy

Details of the Patersen Mepilex Lite trial

This article reports on the results of a randomized controlled trial that was undertaken to assess the effect of Mepilex® Lite dressings on the full range of radiotherapy-induced skin reactions of breast cancer patients post-mastectomy.

A total of 80 women were recruited from four hospitals in New Zealand with 74 women contributing a full data set for analysis. The first skin area on the chest wall to develop erythema was randomly divided into two similar halves; one was treated with Mepilex Lite dressings, the other half with aqueous cream. Skin reactions were assessed using the radiation-induced skin reaction assessment scale.

Compared with aqueous cream, Mepilex Lite dressings did not significantly reduce the incidence of moist desquamation, however they did reduce the overall severity of skin reactions by 41 percent (p<0.001), the average moist desquamation score by 49 percent (p=0.043) and the sum of the moist desquamation time for all patches by 28 percent from 25 to 18 weeks. Most patients preferred the dressings, found them easy to use and very comfortable to wear.

Mepilex Lite dressings reduce all aspects of radiation-induced skin reactions.


Read the research article here: Randomized intra-patient controlled trial of Mepilex Lite dressings versus Aqueous Cream in managing radiation-induced skin reactions post-mastectomy.

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