Radiotherapy – How to use Mepilex Lite

By: Mölnlycke Health Care, January 9 2012Posted in: Radiotherapy

Clean the wound or affected skin with lukewarm water and dry the surrounding skin by patting with a clean towel. Moist wounds may also be cleaned using 0.9 percent saline solution and sterile swabs.

Cut the Mepilex® Lite dressing to the required size, making sure that it will overlap onto healthy skin by at least 2cm all round.

Remove the protective film and apply the Mepilex Lite to the wound or damaged area, avoiding stretching the dressing while you apply it. If necessary, secure Mepilex Lite using a bandage, sling or Tubifast™ 2-Way Stretch. Wearing a seamless bra is also a good way to keep the dressing in place.

Some useful tips

  • In case of erythema or dry desquamation, Mepilex Lite may be worn for up to seven days.
  • In case of a moist wound, replace Mepilex Lite when it is saturated with wound fluid.
  • The dressing should be removed before showering.
  • The dressing can remain in place during irradiation.
  • Dressings, changed as needed, should be used for at least two weeks after radiotherapy. If ointment is used under a Mepilex dressing, ensure that the dressing size chosen is large enough to overlap two to three cm on to dry skin. 

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