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Foam dressings proven to support healing and prevention of wounds1-4

Soft, flexible and highly absorbent, Mepilex® foam dressings are synonymous with patient comfort. They have long been trusted to manage a range of chronic and acute exuding wounds, including surgical incisions and many types of ulcers1. Mepilex and Mepilex® Border are effectively used as a  part of preventive strategies aimed at reducing the occurrence of pressure ulcers2,3 and post-operative blistering4. With a Safetac® interface that minimizes skin damage and pain at dressing change1,5,6, the Mepilex range helps clinicians and patients set a course for an optimum outcome.


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Mepilex dressings

MepilexExudation Level: Medium

A foam dressing suitable for a wide range of wounds like venous leg ulcers,...

Mepilex LiteExudation Level: Low

A thin foam dressing for low-exuding acute and chronic wounds. With Safetac,...

Mepilex XTExudation Level: Medium

Foam dressing to take control of a wide range of exuding wounds 

Mepilex AgExudation Level: Medium

Mepilex Ag is a foam dressing for medium-exuding chronic or acute wounds...

Mepilex Heel AgExudation Level: Medium

Conforms well to the heel, preventing exudate from pooling and causing...

Mepilex TransferExudation Level: Medium

Mepilex Transfer allows the exudate to move vertically into a secondary...

Mepilex BorderExudation Level: High

An all-in-one foam dressing proven to minimize patient pain and wound trauma...

Mepilex Border LiteExudation Level: Low

A thin all-in-one foam dressing with Safetac designed to create an optimal...

Mepilex Border AgExudation Level: High

An all-in-one antimicrobial foam dressing designed for medium to high-exuding...

Mepilex Border SacrumExudation Level: High

An all-in-one foam dressing proven to minimize patient pain and trauma...

Mepilex Border Sacrum AgExudation Level: High

An all-in-one antimicrobial foam dressing designed for medium-to-high exuding pressure...

Mepilex Border HeelExudation Level: High

An all-in-one foam dressing specifically designed to fit the heel. Its...

Mepilex Border Post-OpExudation Level: High

An all-in-one post-op dressing that effectively absorbs and retains blood...

Mepilex Border FlexExudation Level: High

An all-in-one foam dressing designed for challenging areas of the body....

Mepilex Transfer AgExudation Level: High

A "multi-benefit" transfer dressing designed for low-to-high exuding wounds...



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Exuding wounds
Exuding wounds

Recommended products for low to highly exuding wounds

Fragile skin
Fragile skin

Recommended products for fragile skin that tears easily

Granulating / epithelializing wounds
Granulating / epithelializing wounds

Recommended products for granualting / epithelializing wounds

Infected / colonized wounds
Infected / colonized wounds

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Insertion sites
Insertion sites

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Odorous wounds
Odorous wounds

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Sloughy wounds
Sloughy wounds

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Superficial wounds
Superficial wounds

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Sutured wounds

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