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The gentle film and wound contact layer brand trusted around the world

Clinicians everywhere rely on Mepitel® films and wound contact layers to promote undisturbed healing and protect skin. Transparency enables both the skin and wound to be observed with the dressing in place1-3, which may reduce the need for frequent dressing changes. The Safetac® interface minimizes skin damage and pain at dressing change1,4,5. To date, dressings with Safetac have helped millions of patients worldwide.


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Mepitel dressings

MepitelExudation Level: Low

A gentle, effective wound contact layer with Safetac. The open mesh design...

Mepitel OneExudation Level: Low

A gentle, yet effective wound contact layer with Safetac. The open perforated...

Mepilex TransferExudation Level: Medium

Mepilex Transfer allows the exudate to move vertically into a secondary...



Recommended products for the treatment of burns

Exuding wounds
Exuding wounds

Recommended products for low to highly exuding wounds

Fragile skin
Fragile skin

Recommended products for fragile skin that tears easily

Granulating / epithelializing wounds
Granulating / epithelializing wounds

Recommended products for granualting / epithelializing wounds