Biogel gloves

Biogel gloves

Sterile, surgical gloves are a vital part of patient and healthcare staff protection. Biogel® introduced the world’s first polymer coated, powder-free surgical glove already in 1983. Since then, Biogel gloves have continued to set the industry standard with a wide range of latex and synthetic surgical gloves for various needs. 

The Biogel double gloving concept is an addition of a second pair of surgical gloves on top of the first pair, which significantly reduces perforations to the inner gloves. As a result, patients are more protected from contaminations from the surgical team, and the wearer from the body fluids of the patient. For even better control, double gloving using Biogel Indicator System makes the wearer immediately aware of any perforations, as a dark patch immediately appears on the glove if the gets damaged. Surgical gloves must have a perfect fit to allow the wearer maximum feel and precision. Biogel gloves are preferred by more surgeons than other leading brands because of their comfort and functionality1.
Apart from standard quality control, Mölnlycke Health Care is the only major surgical glove manufacturer to test every single glove (100 %) for holes by air inflation and visually inspect for quality.


  1. Competitive brands included top selling brands, third quarter 2008: Protegrity, Triflex, Esteem and Encore. (GHX Market Intelligence). Data on file. 2008. Proprietary independent market research.

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