More time for patients with Mölnlycke Procedure Trays

More time for patients with Mölnlycke Procedure Trays

September 9 2010

New study of custom procedure trays demonstrates up to 59 percent efficiency gains.

By switching from traditional preparation of operating rooms to the use of Mölnlycke Procedure Trays, hospitals may cut preparation time for surgical procedures by more than half and free up more time to focus on patient care, staff training and coaching or for more procedures. Mölnlycke Procedure Traysk is a tray containing all single-use material required for a particular surgical intervention, replacing a large number of individually packaged items.

These results from an open, prospective study of European hospitals are being presented today at the EAHM Congress (European Association of Hospital Managers) in Zurich Switzerland. The study aim was to investigate the effects and quantify the time savings when implementing Mölnlycke Procedure Trays from Mölnlycke Health Care.

Pressure on health care providers to treat more patients to better care is increasing, and consequently hospitals need to find more efficient ways of working. For surgical procedures a lot of time is spent on preparation of the operating room. The study showed time savings of between 40 and 59 percent with ProcedurePak compared to traditional preparation. Clinical staff and nurses in particular experienced the greatest time saving in and around the operating room, but time was also saved in procurement, supply and finance. The time gained was used for example for additional surgical procedures, giving patients more timely treatment, additional staff training or coaching.

"Since the introduction of ProcedurePak we have progressively increased the number of interventions for which the trays are used by 37.5 percent. This is the result of time gains in throughput of patients in the OR of between 10 and 15 percent depending on the type of intervention," says Delphine Chastan, O.R. Manager, Hôpital des Peupliers, Paris, France.

Advanced calculations behind the results

The study was performed by the Institute for Workflow Management in Health Care, IWiG, Gelsenkirchen University, Germany as case studies in different hospitals located in France, Germany and Sweden. For each of the hospitals the single-use material process was studied from ordering of materials to disposal. Each process was described both before and after implementation of the Mölnlycke Procedure Trays. For every step of the process the timings and cost drivers were identified by studying practical use and measuring time.

Professor Dr Michael Greiling, founder of IWiG, led the study:

"Custom procedure trays are a strategic tool for process improvement throughout the hospital. It has been shown that savings can be made throughout the entire material management process. Custom procedure trays simplify each step from ordering materials to storing and collection through to use and waste removal."

Each ProcedurePak custom procedure tray from Mölnlycke Health Care meets the corresponding requirements of the hospital and is customised for a specific procedure and often also to surgeon specific requests. Implementation of processes as well as guidance on most effective workflows is part of the total offer, enabling more time to be saved and potential cost savings to be achieved.

Further reading

O.R. efficiency case study: Hôpital Privé des Peupliers (HPP), Paris, France

Greiling M. A multinational case study to evaluate and quantify time-saving by using custom procedure trays for operating room efficiency. Poster presented at 23rd Congress of European Association of Hospital Managers, Zürich, Switzerland, September 2010.

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