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Recommended products for the treatment of burns

Exuding wounds

Recommended products for low to highly exuding wounds

Fragile skin

Recommended products for fragile skin that tears easily

Granulating / epithelializing wounds

Recommended products for granualting / epithelializing wounds

Hard-to-heal wounds

Recommended products for hard-to-heal wounds

Hospital-acquired infections – HAIs

Recommended products to prevent hospital-acquired infections (HAIs)

Infected / colonized wounds

Recommended products for infected / colonized wounds

Insertion sites

Recommended products for insertion sites

Latex allergy

Recommended products to reduce latex allergic sensitivity and reactions

Necrotic wounds

Recommended products for necrotic wounds

Odorous wounds

Recommended products for odorous wounds

Patient hypothermia

Recommended products to prevent inadvertent patient hypothermia


Recommended products for scar treatment

Sloughy wounds

Sloughy wounds consists of a dead yellow or black/yellow tissue, which...


When handling either natural or surgically created stomas

Superficial wounds

When the the epidermis (the top layer of skin) is most affected by the...

Surgical site infections

Surgical site infections (SSIs) can be superficial only involving the skin...

Sutured wounds

Sutures, or stitches, are the most commonly used method to fix a cut or...

Wound cavity

A wound cavity can appear after debridement of a chronic wound, after a...

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Angiographic procedures

Recommended products for angiographic procedures

Cardiovascular surgery

Recommended products for cardiovascular surgery

ENT surgery

Recommended products for ear, nose, throat surgery

General abdominal surgery

Recommended products for general abdominal surgery

Gynaecologic surgery

Recommended products for gynaecologic surgery


Recommended products for neurosurgery


Recommended products for obstetrics

Ophthalmic surgery

Recommended products for ophthalmic surgery

Orthopaedic surgery

Recommended products for orthopaedic surgery

Paediatric surgery

Recommended products for paediatric surgery

Plastic surgery

Recommended products for plastic surgery

Urologic surgery

Recommended products for urologic surgery

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All BARRIER drapes are designed to ensure the best possible patient safety...

Biogel surgical gloves

Biogel is the world's leading brand for high quality, technically advanced...

Dressings with Safetac

Proven to help optimize the wound healing journey and even prevent wounds

HiBi antiseptics

HiBi is a professionally trusted brand within antiseptics. The range offers...


Mepilex have long been trusted to manage a range of chronic and acute exuding...


Transparent films and wound contact layers that promote undisturbed healing...


Customized procedure trays include all single-use medical devices needed...

Latest products

Biogel PI Micro Indicator
Biogel PI Micro Indicator

Thinner puncture indication glove for improved tactile sensitivity

BARRIER surgical gown Universal
BARRIER surgical gown Universal

Ideal for all-round use with its high protection level yet functional design....

SafeAir smoke evacuation system
SafeAir smoke evacuation system

SafeAir Smoke Pencil is a single-use, electro surgery pencil with fully...

Mepilex XT
Mepilex XT

Foam dressing to take control of a wide range of exuding wounds 


A sterile, nonwoven fibre dressing designed to be used on a wide range...

AddPak pulse lavage
AddPak pulse lavage

Pulse lavage uses high-pressure jets of fluid to clean blood and debris...