Patient warming

Easy and effective patient warming

Effective, continuous patient warming helps to manage the risk of hypothermia. It reduces the number of surgical site infections and other complications, patient anxiety and recovery times. This means higher throughput of patients and saved resources.

Effective patient-warming solution

BARRIER® EasyWarm® active self-warming blanket provides effective patient warming in the perioperative environment, particularly with prewarming, which aids in stopping the drop in temperature characteristic of redistribution hypothermia associated with anaesthesia. Once opened and unfolded, the air-activated blanket will self-warm to an average temperature of 44°C in 30 minutes, and will keep its temperature for up to 10 hours1.

The active self-warming blanket helps to prevent hypothermia1, is easy and quick to set up and easy to use before, during and after surgery for effective patient warming.

Maintain temperature over time

A clinical study to assess the safety and efficacy of BARRIER EasyWarm shows that use of the blanket helps to prevent hypothermia.

Risk and consequences of hypothermia

Hypothermia is a common, and recognized, side effect of surgery, and can occur before, during and after surgery....

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Easy-to-use patient warming solution made for the whole perioperative environment


  1. Clinical to assess the safety and efficacy of an active self-warming blanket used to prevent hypothermia. Data on file. 2012.
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