Infection prevention

Successful infection control fights surgical site and hospital acquired infections

A well-documented study on the efficacy of nosocomial chemotherapy (SENIC) found that intensive infection control and surveillance routines resulted in a 32 percent decrease of infection rates over a five-year period1.

The Mölnlycke Health Care solution for infection prevention follows patients' journeys through surgery as well as providing healthcare professionals with the right equipment to facilitate the prevention of surgical infections. The BARRIER® and HiBi® antiseptics product range are vital components in implementing successful infection control2. This in turn can result in efficient infection prevention and fight off HAIs and SSIs.

Superior products to prevent infections

Surgical products from Mölnlycke Health Care are all designed to provide optimal safety for patients and healthcare professionals. Infection prevention is at the core of everything we do, and we are continuously developing new products and solutions to provide even better staff and patient protection.

The highly protective impermeable materials in the Mölnlycke BARRIER surgical drapes and surgical staff clothing create vital barriers between the patient and healthcare professionals. Biogel® surgical gloves are available with a puncture indication system, which significantly increases the chance of noticing a puncture during surgery3.

Choosing Mölnlycke Health Care means choosing optimal safety and provides the best possible aid in successful infection control.

Cost and risk of microbial contamination

Millions of people are affected by healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) each year. The financial impact and unnecessary patient suffering is severe. Mölnlycke Health Care's solution to help prevent infections follows your patient's journey and provides healthcare professionals with the right equipment to be able to facilitae prevention of HAIs...

How to fight infections

The key to successful infection prevention is implementing routines on many levels and to use the right equipment; for example skin preparation, knowledge of SSI rates, having key players in the organization take the lead in infection prevention, and using the right equipment for optimal protection...

Puncture indication system

The Biogel puncture indication system is a double-gloving solution available in a wide range of gloves. Thanks to a coloured indicator glove that is worn under a neutral one, the risk of infection can be reduced for both clinicians and patients...

Accelerator-free gloves to avoid chemical related sensitivities

Hypoallergenic surgical gloves manufactured without the chemicals commonly known as accelerators can be career saving for healthcare professionals who suffer from allergic reactions. NeoDerm gloves allow allergy sufferers to use Biogel surgical gloves...

Powder-free surgical gloves

Powder used in surgical gloves poses significant health risks to both patients and healthcare workers...

Preoperative body wash

Incorporating patient whole body wash can reduce the risk of hospital acquired infections by nearly 60 percent according to studies...

BARRIER surgical masks fulfil EU standards

The European standard EN 14683 states that the main intended use of surgical masks is to protect the patients from infective agents from the noses and mouths of the staff and, in certain situations, to protect the wearer against splashes of potentially contaminated liquids....


Surgical gloves e-learning

Take our e-learning courses on puncture indication and double gloving to learn more about infection prevention and control

Recommended products



Help prevent surgical site infections (SSIs), hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) and kill clinically relevant MRSA strains in just one minute (99.99 percent log reduction).

Surgical staff clothing

Surgical staff clothing

Provide infection protection by creating a physical barrier against fluids and microbial penetration.

Surgical drapes

Surgical drapes

Developed to provide the best possible barrier against bacterial migration in all surgical procedures.

Surgical gloves

Surgical gloves

The world's leading brand for high quality, technically advanced surgical gloves for healthcare professionals


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