Less pain with Avance

Avance with Safetac – Minimizing pain and stress to maximize healing

Avance® NPWT system with Safetac® is designed to minimize unnecessary pain and stress1.

Avance is a negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) system that is specifically designed to be more convenient for healthcare professionals and patients. The system covers all wound types, whether in hospital or at home, which means an easier transition for patients. Reduced training needs for nurses also means cost and time savings.

Fixation dressings with Safetac are easy to work with and apply or reapply as needed. This helps minimize unnecessary contact with the patient's sensitive wound site2, and can help minimize their anxiety.

Mepiseal®, an easy-to-use, soft, liquid silicone sealant, maintains an effective seal, essential for the delivery of NPWT. Adhering effectively, Mepiseal prevents exudate from spreading, yet is removed with no skin stripping or pain3.

Avance – Increased patient comfort

Avance® dressing kits, containing Mepitel with Safetac®, make it possible to prevent unnecessary pain during negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT)....

Avance – Service and support

In order to make NPWT available to health care professionals and patients whenever needed, Mölnlycke Health Care offers initial training, on-going advice and support. All users also have access to a helpline offering clinical and technical support....

Avance – Less pain

Pain and stress delay wound healing. Thanks to dressings with Safetac, Avance is a NPWT system that helps prevent unnecessary pain and skin trauma....

NPWT can be painful

Wound care is a complex and ever-changing field. Any additional diagnoses, the origin and location of the wound are all factors that make each healing situation unique....

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Avance NPWT system

Avance NPWT system

Designed to minimize unnecessary patient pain and stress. Dressings with Safetac prevent skin stripping at dressing changes and the maceration that can delay healing by causing damage to the peri-wound area.

Avance Film with Safetac

Avance Film with Safetac

As part of the Avance NPWT system, this gentle adhesive film ensures minimized pain and offers time-saving benefits.



Designed to secure any wound by forming a seal that prevents exudate from spreading. This self-curing wound sealant uses Safetac, which means less pain for the patient at wound dressing changes.


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