Avance negative pressure wound therapy

Avance can help improve mobility and quality of life

For many patients, the treatment of difficult and painful wounds with negative pressure wound therapy has meant long periods of hospitalization, with mobility restricted due to the constant connection to a cumbersome pump.

With Avance® NPWT System, patients can use the same NPWT system at home as they did in the hospital. Simple to learn and use for both patients and caregivers alike, the lightweight, quiet and portable system restores the patient’s freedom to move around.

Lightweight, silent, discreet and easy to use

The Avance pump only weighs 937 grams, is silent and comes with a discreet carrying case and a unique docking station for easy recharging. For the patient, these features provide the freedom to move around and an improved quality of life.

The Avance NPWT system can be used whether in hospital or at home, which means that patients can get advanced wound treatment without being hospitalized.


The display on the pump is clear and easy to read, and thanks to the battery power, its lightweight appearance and small size, the Avance NPWT system will give the patient the freedom to move around.

One system covering all wound types also means less demand for training and provides an easier transition for patients when leaving the hospital.

When being treated at home, the patient has access to a clinical and technical helpline.

Pump instructions easily at hand with the Avance app

For easy access to Avance and Avance Solo pump instructions, application guidelines and other useful information, download the easy-to-use Avance app from your local app store. The app is available for both Apple and android devices.

iPhone and Android phone

Available on the iPhone App Store Available on the Android App Store

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