<p>Avance negative pressure wound therapy</p>

Avance negative pressure wound therapy

Minimizing pain and stress to maximize healing

Pain and stress delay wound healing1.

Thanks to dressings with Safetac®, Avance® NPWT System is a negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) system that helps prevent unnecessary pain and skin trauma. Studies show that dressings with Safetac® are atraumatic, and can effectively minimize patient pain and trauma for difficult-to-treat wounds and peri-wound areas2. The World Union of Wound Healing Societies (WUWHS) (external link, opens in a new window) recommends always assessing pain and selecting a dressing that is atraumatic to the wound and surrounding skin3.

The Avance NPWT System with Safetac prevents unnecessary pain. Less pain and optimized sealing promotes better patient compliance, an important consideration in successful healing.

Mepitel reduces tissue in-growth

Several studies have shown that using Mepitel® as a contact layer between the foam and the wound bed reduces tissue in-growth into the foam, thereby minimizing pain during removal.

Mepiseal prevents exudate from spreading, yet is removed with no skin stripping

Mepiseal®, an easy-to-use soft, liquid silicone sealant, maintains an effective seal, essential for the delivery of NPWT. Adhering effectively, Mepiseal prevents exudate from spreading, yet is removed with no skin stripping or pain4.

Mepiseal moulds to the skin, forming a seal that prevents exudate from spreading, which is perfect when you need increased adhesion and a better seal, such as for difficult-to-dress wound areas.

Avance Film with Safetac reduces skin stripping and minimizes pain

Using Avance® Film with Safetac reduces skin stripping and skin reactions – and minimizes pain during dressing removal. Avance Film with Safetac causes fewer skin reactions and less pain during dressing removal, which means improved patient comfort.

Pump instructions easily at hand with the Avance app

For easy access to Avance and Avance Solo pump instructions, application guidelines and other useful information, download the easy-to-use Avance app from your local app store. The app is available for both Apple and android devices.

iPhone and Android phone

Available on the iPhone App Store Available on the Android App Store


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