O.R. efficiency

O.R. efficiency and Mölnlycke Procedure Trays - less waste equals environmental benefits

One of the building blocks of O.R. efficiency – try the Mölnlycke Procedure Trays value calculator – helps to reduce packaging waste. These reductions can make significant positive contributions to scaling back hospitals' carbon footprints. From pre-op assembly of components and reduced packaging material to smart waste management that reduces surgical waste, hospitals can make strides in their efforts to have a neutral impact on the environment.1

To calculate your potential reduction in packaging waste try the try the Mölnlycke Procedure Trays value calculator.

Five fewer tonnes of carbon emissions – in two hospitals1

Mölnlycke Procedure Trays are not only tailored to your specific needs, they also drastically reduce the amount of packaging material and have a positive impact on surgical waste reduction compared to individually packed products. Mölnlycke Procedure Trays can reduce the volume of packaging material by 90 percent1, resulting in one less bag of waste on average for major surgery procedures.

A 2009 study shows that two UK NHS hospitals were able to cut carbon emissions from packaging by over 5.0 tonnes and reduce waste by over 2.6 tonnes after implementing Mölnlycke Procedure Trays customized procedure trays1. The same study shows that for each kilogram of customized procedure trays, an average of 0.19 kg carbon dioxide is saved1.

>> Case study Wiener Privatklinik, Austria: Hospital sees advances in processes, quality, and hygiene using cost-effective Mölnlycke Procedure Trays 

>> Learn more about Mölnlycke Health Care's environmental policy

Five fewer tonnes of carbon emissions – in two hospitals<sup>1</sup>


  1. Shayler, Mark. Assessing the carbon and waste benefits of moving to procedure packs at Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust, 2009.
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