O.R. efficiency

Less stress and more time for your surgical staff to treat patients1,2,3,4

The challenge of recruiting and retaining skilled surgical staff is a real issue for many hospitals. How can you make your hospital more attractive as an employer? There are many answers to that question. However, reducing stress will surely help.

The pressure to do more with less, cut costs and save time, is a burden everyone in the hospital feels. Frontline staff who work directly with patients may feel this urgency most acutely, which can lead to a stressful work environment. Improved efficiency can ease some of the stress, help stretch and optimize resources and help achieve improved outcomes.

Our Mölnlycke Procedure Trays will support to optimize your O.R. efficiency and help your surgical staff to perform at their best. Reduced stress among O.R. staff may also contribute to increased job satisfaction and lower staff turnover.

Customer case: ProcedurePak trays contribute efficiency to a busy O.R.

The use of Mölnlycke Procedure Trays is making an essential contribution to the efficiency in the operating theatre at AZ Sint-Jones Bruges-Ostend, which is seeing its number of interventions increase by ten percent each year. Moreover, ProcedurePak trays create huge time savings, less running around and a more pleasant work environment that ensures better patient care and less stressed staff.

>> Case study, AZ Sint-Jones Bruges-Ostend, Belgium: Custom made procedure trays create a calm work environment in a busy operating theatre




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