O.R. efficiency

Create time-and-cost savings in the O.R.

Every department of a hospital is under pressure to find cost and time savings, including the O.R. Challenges come from all sides, ranging from increasing numbers of procedures, complex procurement, material management cutbacks, understaffing and overtime costs, among many others.

Meeting the budget

Achieving optimal patient and economic outcomes with unchanged or even reduced budgets is a challenge that many hospitals face today. The O.R. is one of the most cost-intensive parts of any hospital. Naturally, there is a need for hospital management to find cost savings in the O.R.

Not enough time with patients

The increase in the number of surgical procedures, along with complex procurement, staff cutbacks and inefficient administration can result in reduced time for patient care. Valuable staff time is not used optimally, which might cause unnecessary stress for healthcare staff.

Mölnlycke Procedure Trays – a full-service solution

Reducing O.R. setup time and more efficient material flow can lead to significant time1 and, subsequently, cost savings2,3. Potential time and efficiency gains can lead to more time for patient care4,5,6

Our customized Mölnlycke Procedure Trays solution offer a full-service solution for optimized O.R. and hospital-wide efficiency.

>> Case study Kantonsspital Baden, Germany: Improved efficiency, time savings and lower costs in the O.R. workflow




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