BARRIER surgical drapes

Impermeable material for optimal safety

BARRIER® is Europe’s leading brand in single-use surgical drapes. The range of high quality surgical drapes is developed to provide the best possible barrier against bacterial migration in all surgical procedures. All drapes provide optimal safety and infection control. The BARRIER drapes range with more than 850 different products, includes universal and speciality drapes, as well as a wide range of supplementary products. This makes it easy to adapt draping when processes and procedures change.

Our BARRIER range, complete with logistic advantages and expert training and support, will create a ripple effect of savings in time, effort and costs.

Surgical drapes

Speciality drapes and sets

We offer more than 600 different drapes and sets to accommodate any surgical...

Supplementary surgical draping products

Mayo stand covers, table covers, incise drapes and pouches

Universal drapes and sets

Flexible, easy-to-use drapes that can be adjusted to meet most surgical...

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Infection prevention

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O.R. efficiency

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Lean supply and logistics

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Training and support

Our team of specialists provide onsite guidance, coaching and ...