Speciality drapes and sets

More than 600 different speciality drapes and sets

We offer more than 600 different drapes and sets to accommodate any surgical speciality. They are all quick and easy to drape thanks to their smart foldings and self-explanatory instruction labels. Many of our speciality-specific drapes have all-in-one designs, as well as different integrated solutions, such as pouches, cord holders, elasticized apertures and non-slip pads.
BARRIER® speciality drapes and sets are available with BARRIER Flex.

Speciality drapes and sets

Angiography drapes

Brachial, femoral (adult, paediatric, neonatal), hybrid O.R. interventions,...

Cardiovascular drapes

CABG, pacemaker, thoracotomy and valve replacement

ENT drapes

Ear, nasal and oral surgery

General abdominal surgery drapes

Laparoscopy, perineal resection, appendectomy, breast, haemorrhoidectomy,...

Gynaecology drapes

Abdominal gynaecology and hysterectomy, anterior posterior repair, dilation...

Neurosurgery drapes

Anterior posterior cervical disc, burr hole, carpal tunnel release, craniotomy,...

Obstetric drapes

Caesarean section and forceps delivery

Ophthalmic drapes

Cataracts, major eye surgery and squints

Orthopaedic drapes

Bilateral feet and knees, hands, hip replacement, knee arthroscopy and...

Paediatric surgery drapes

Designs and sizes to fit the specific needs of paediatrics 

Plastic surgery drapes

Stretchable, conformable surgical drapes suitable for plastic surgery

Urology drapes

Abdominal cystectomy, cystoscopy, percutaneous nephroscopy, TUR

Laparoscopy drapes

Integrated relevant features for laparoscopic surgery

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Surgical drapes

Developed to provide the best possible barrier against bacterial ...

Infection prevention

Mölnlycke Health Care products are designed to provide optimal ...