Drape for ENT surgery


Impermeable solution for ENT surgery

BARRIER® ENT draping solutions provide efficient infection control and fluid control for a dry working area. The procedure-specific designs allow for rapid application for short procedures as well as patient comfort for local anaesthesia procedures.
Main designs of BARRIER ENT drapes:
  • Ear surgery
  • Nasal surgery
  • Oral surgery

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Product sheets for download

Adobe file BARRIER Flex universal set neck draping (150 kB pdf, opens in a new window)
Adobe file ENT set (159 kB pdf, opens in a new window)
Adobe file ENT split sheet drape (133 kB pdf, opens in a new window)
Adobe file Head and neck set (442 kB pdf, opens in a new window)
Adobe file Neck and thyroid drape (152 kB pdf, opens in a new window)
Adobe file Neck set (154 kB pdf, opens in a new window)

Our speciality drapes and sets

Angiography drapes

Brachial, femoral (adult, paediatric, neonatal), hybrid O.R. interventions,...

Cardiovascular drapes

CABG, pacemaker, thoracotomy and valve replacement

ENT drapes

Ear, nasal and oral surgery

General abdominal surgery drapes

Laparoscopy, perineal resection, appendectomy, breast, haemorrhoidectomy,...

Gynaecology drapes

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Obstetric drapes

Caesarean section and forceps delivery

Ophthalmic drapes

Cataracts, major eye surgery and squints

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Paediatric surgery drapes

Designs and sizes to fit the specific needs of paediatrics 

Plastic surgery drapes

Stretchable, conformable surgical drapes suitable for plastic surgery

Urology drapes

Abdominal cystectomy, cystoscopy, percutaneous nephroscopy, TUR

Laparoscopy drapes

Integrated relevant features for laparoscopic surgery

Recommended products

BARRIER Flex surgical drapes
BARRIER Flex surgical drapes

Laparoscopic abdominal, breast and neck surgery

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