Supplementary surgical draping products

Extensive range of equipment drapes, table covers and incision films

Supplementary drapes are often needed as a complement to surgical drapes when preparing for surgery. It can be difficult and sometimes impossible to sterilize equipment, such as microscopes, probes, cameras and C-arms. For that purpose BARRIER® offers a wide range of single-use, sterile solutions, such as mayo stand covers, table covers, incise drapes and pouches providing efficient infection control without compromising the use of equipment.

Supplementary surgical draping products

Equipment drapes

For microscopes, C-arms, ultrasound probes, light handles, tubes, cameras

Incision films

To provide sterile surface, protect patient's skin, keep other draping...

Supplementary products

Leggings, may stand covers, OP-table tube holders, pouches, bags, table...

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