Biogel M

When extra grip and control are needed

The Biogel® M sterile, latex surgical glove has a specially treated, slip-resistant surface for extra grip and control, giving it a high grip rating compared to the Biogel® Surgeons surgical glove.

Data sheet for download

Biogel M data sheetBiogel M data sheet (292 kB pdf, opens in a new window)

9 of 10 surgeons prefer Biogel for fit, feel and comfort1

Reduced chance of a hole with an industry-leading AQL* result of 0.651

Every glove (100%) is air inflation tested and visually inspected for quality and safety1

Non-pyrogenic, potentially reducing the risk of post-operative complications1

Improved efficiency as less gloves are wasted2

The only manufacturer with an exclusively powder-free surgical glove range

Recommended use

Recommended for all surgical procedures, especially where extra grip and control is required e.g. microvascular, cardiothoracic, ENT and neurosurgery.

* AQL = Acceptable Quality Level refers to the maximum number of defective products that could be considered acceptable during the random sampling of an inspection, in this case freedom from holes in gloves.

Surgical gloves e-learning

E-learningTake our e-learning courses on puncture indication and double gloving to learn more about the benefits of Biogel surgical gloves

Material information:

  • Natural rubber latex
  • Biogel hydrogel polymer coating
  • Straight finger and textured surface
  • Beaded cuff
  • Powder-free
  • Non-pyrogenic
  1. Why Choose Biogel. MKT004. 2009. Data on file.
  2. In Use Surgical Glove Failure Rate Comparison. Study G009-005. 2009. Data on file.
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