Laparoscopic surgery

Laparoscopic procedures

Laparoscopic, as well as laparoscopic-assisted, procedures are minimally invasive (also called keyhole) surgeries guided with the assistance of a laparoscope (video camera).

Laparoscopic procedures are characterized by the need for internal visualization and for specialized instruments, such as trocars and long, narrow implements for laparoscopic access, to accommodate the small (0.5-1.5 cm) size of abdominal incisions and minimal nature of laparoscopic surgical techniques.

The variety of procedures requires a broad range of procedure-specific surgical products. Our range of available products makes it easy to select and build ProcedurePak® trays that suit each procedure or speciality.

Recommended products

BARRIER surgical gown Universal

Ideal for all-round use with its high protection level yet functional design....

Laparoscopy trocars and instruments

Fully customized trays for cholecystectomy, appendectomy and hernia repair

Biogel M

When extra grip and control is needed, such as in microvascular, cardiothoracic...

Biogel PI Indicator System

Double-gloving system recommended for all types of surgery

Biogel PI UltraTouch M

When extra grip and control is needed, such as in ENT, neurosurgical and...

BARRIER laparoscopy drape

Cholecystectomy, appendectomy, hernia repair, etc.

BARRIER laparoscopy drape with leggings

Cholecystectomy, appendectomy, hernia repair, etc.

Mölnlycke Procedure Trays

Assembled to contain all the single-use components required for a particular...

Product how-tos

Surgical glove donning guide
Surgical glove donning guide

Video demonstrating three different surgical glove donning techniques.

Draping instructions BARRIER ...
Draping instructions BARRIER ...

Video and written draping instructions for the BARRIER laparoscopy set...

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Powder-free surgical gloves

Powder used in surgical gloves poses significant health risks to both patients...

Customized laparoscopic solutions

Our dedicated laparoscopic specialists help you to define your own best...

O.R. efficiency case study: Coxa Hospital,...

Lean approach leads to 17% increase in number of procedures