BARRIER clean air suits

Clean air suits: Single-use for peace of mind

Single-use clean air suits contribute to the creation of an ultra-clean environment1,2.

BARRIER® clean air suits, being single-use, are meant to be worn only once, enabling the significant reduction of both colony forming units and particle count compared to reusable clean air suit systems1. The creation of ultra clean air, by wearing BARRIER clean air suits, is achieved through both high resistance in the non woven material to bacterial penetration3 and also through  the design of the  garment (with elastic cuffs etc.).

This level of protection is possible while maintaining functionality and comfort for the wearer. BARRIER clean air suits feature an absorbent and soft inner layer to make the suit more comfortable and include numerous convenient pockets in both the clean air shirts and trousers.

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  • Several convenient pockets in both shirts and trousers
  • Each piece packed separately, allowing wearer to combine different sizes as needed
  • Tie-band in waist for individual fit adjustment
  • Cuffs in legs, sleeves and waist
  • Unisex design; snap closure at neckline
  • Available in seven sizes
  • Fulfils EN13795 1-3 20113 requirement for clean air suits

Clean air suit pocketClean air suit waist tie bandClean air suit leg cuffs

Product sheet for download

Adobe fileBARRIER clean air suit (579 kB pdf, opens in a new window)


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  2. Dahlberg A et al. Byggegenskap och Vårdhygien (BOV) Vårdhygieniska aspekter vid ny- och ombyggnation samt renovering av vårdlokaler, 2:a edition. Guideline from Svensk förening för Vårdhygien. 2012.
  3. Surgical drapes, gowns and clean air suits, used as medical devices, for patients, clinical staff and equipment EN 13795 1-3:2011.

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