Safetac® Technology

Safetac® is a patented adhesive technology that minimizes pain to patients and trauma to wounds. Safetac technology is available exclusively on Mölnlycke Health Care dressings, including Mepilex® wound care dressings, Mepitel®, Mepiform® and Mepitac®.

Safetac technology is less painful

1) Provides an undisturbed healing environment

2) Adheres gently to dry tissue, but not to moist wound surfaces

3) Molds to the skin's irregularities, covering more skin surface and spreading peel forces on removal to prevent skin stripping 1

4) Seals the wound margins and ensures exudate does not spread to the surrounding skin which minimizes maceration 2


The science of Safetac technology
technology’s soft silicone conforms to the skin's irregularities while other adhesives stick to the uppermost surface of the epidermis. This conforming action is the key to why Safetac technology is so effective at minimizing pain and preventing maceration.

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Skin stripping occurs with traditional adhesive.

No skin stripping occurs with Safetac technology.


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2. Meaume S, et al. Study to compare a new self adherent soft silicone dressing with a self adherent polymer dressing in stage II pressure ulcers. Ostomy Wound Management, 2003, 49(9):44-5

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