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Cutting down on consumption

Wherever we can, we’re cutting back the amount of energy and water we use in our factories.  

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We’re exploring how we can use less water in our manufacturing

We measure and monitor consumption with the aim to reduce the amount of energy we use in our factories wherever possible.

Some of the processes required to produce high-quality, sterile medical and surgical products are energy intensive and we are focusing on how we can make these more energy efficient.

‘We’re looking at how we can change our most energy intensive processes to reduce our consumption even more.’

Segaran Veerayah, Regional Environmental, Health and Safety Manager, Asia Pacific

Saving water

We continuously strive to reduce the amount of water we use compared to the previous year. We analyse every material and process we use to cut back waste. We aim to eliminate hazardous chemicals from all our operations. We’re working with our transportation partners to reduce C02.

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