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Restoring smiles mission in Peru

We are proud to announce another year of partnership and volunteer participation in Operation Smile's medical mission performing surgery on children born with cleft lip or cleft palate. This time the mission takes place in Peru on 28 April – 6 May.

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For more than a dozen years Mölnlycke® has supported Operation Smile in their mission to restore smiles for children born with a cleft lip or cleft palate. This has been accomplished through financial contributions, employee volunteers and donation of surgical gloves. Since missions often take place in regions where Hepatitis C is prevalent, Biogel® double gloving plays an important role in healthcare staff and patient safety.

Over 500 international missions have been conducted where our Biogel surgical gloves have been used. Last year alone close to 100 missions were conducted.

More information about Mölnlycke's contributions to Operation Smile over the years is available in this infographic.

Two Mölnlycke employees to join the Peru mission

The mission will take place in Peru between 28 April – 6 May, which includes two days of screening and five days of surgery. Surgeries are expected to be performed for 125 children that will help restore smiles and improve their ability to eat.

Two Mölnlycke employees will accompany the mission: Anette Spottag, Training & Education Manager from Denmark and Noémi Brognez, Supply Chain Manager Mölnlycke® Trays from Belgium. They have volunteered with the ambition to learn more and also to see how our Biogel gloves make a difference for the surgical team.

World-class surgery striving for excellence

Surgical teams strive for excellence on each medical mission. A safe and positive patient outcome is always their top priority. Each mission is manned with highly experienced healthcare professionals from various countries who work together with local physicians in order to not only make a one-time contribution, but also to build up the restorative surgical competence in the respective country.

Dr. Daniel Pyo, plastic surgeon specialized in paediatric and micro surgery, NJ, USA, and part of the team in Peru: "From a professional point of view the high standards of the volunteer staff makes it extra interesting to join. I've participated in ten missions now, and we always spend time collaborating on how we can achieve the best outcome. On every trip I have learned something new and hopefully taught other people something new in return. I go with a helpers' heart and look at every mission as a possibility to do something better."

Biogel double gloving – vital part of preventing Hepatitis C infections

Up to 130-150 million people1 live with chronic Hepatitis C infections in the world today, and Peru is one of the countries with an intermediate prevalence rate amounting to > 3.5%1.

Sharps and needlestick injuries cause approximately 39%1 of global Hepatitis C infections among healthcare workers.

Using Biogel double gloving reduces the risk for blood contamination by 65% compared to single gloves2.

At Mölnlycke we are happy to be able to provide yet another Operation Smile medical mission with gloves that ensure optimal infection protection for both the surgical team and the patients.


1. WHO 2003.

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