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Efficient customised procedure-specific trays

Our solutions can create efficiencies. For example, Mölnlycke customers can build their own customised procedure trays – sterile packs that include all the different equipment needed for specific surgeries. 

a Mölnlycke procedure tray and a pulsed lavage tool being held in a hand wearing a surgical glove

Imagine the time and costs that can be saved by including all surgical instruments and components – along with procedure-specific surgical drapes and staff gowns – delivered in one convenient package, ready for a quick operating room set-up.

We value working together, so we have in-house laparoscopic and orthopaedic specialists on call. Our experts assist customers with evaluating needs and building tray component lists.

A complete solution for increased efficiency
Having everything needed for a surgery all in one procedure tray that saves time and costs makes sense, right?

Healthcare professionals who are utilising procedure tray efficiencies can fine-tune all their trays with our online tool Mölnlycke® Tray portal – for full control and transparency.

France: 37.5% increase in surgeries

Hôpital Privé des Peupliers, Groupe Générale de Santé, Paris, France, achieved a 37.5% increase in hip, hand and pacemaker operations with the introduction of Mölnlycke® Procedure Trays in its eight operating rooms.

O.R. staff have more time to coach trainees and undertake more training themselves, thanks to increased workflow efficiency. 


Germany: 18% increase in procedures

The Herz-Jesu Hospital in Münster Germany has used Mölnlycke® Procedure Trays and increased efficiency across the entire hospital, from purchase through to waste disposal. The hospital performed 18% more procedures and saved more than 1,000 hours in its entire workflow, from logistics to the OR, saving over EUR 51,000.

10 minutes saved every operation prep

Kantonsspital Baden, Switzerland, introduced Mölnlycke® Procedure Trays and succeeded in accelerating its OR-related workflow. It started with logistics and cut costs. The OR team’s work is more relaxed and there has been a general increase in job satisfaction.

Finland: Tray changes increase procedures by 17%

Splitting two existing Mölnlycke Procedure Trays into four new trays – and colour coding for easier stock management – helped Coxa Hospital in Finland boost its efficiency. Coxa increased the number of procedures performed by 17 percent and incorporated lean processes into its daily work.


Netherlands: Infections below 1% and material to OR within one minute

At the Thorax Centre Medisch Spectrum Twente in Enschede, Netherlands, post-operative infections now occur in less than one percent of surgeries. Cardiac-thoratic surgeon Dr Jan G. Grandjean credits this extraordinary result to the use of Mölnlycke Procedure Trays. Procedure Trays have also resulted in time savings, which have made life easier for staff.

Belgium: 10% more surgeries performed

At AZ Sint-Jan Bruges-Ostend Av in Belgium, Mölnlycke Procedure Trays are improving the efficiency of the operating theatre. It has increased its number of interventions by 10% each year. The staff save time. They also comment on a more pleasant work environment and better patient care.

AZ Sint-Jan Bruges-Ostend Av Maxillofacial Surgeon Dr Maurice Mommaerts said: ‘Mölnlycke Procedure trays contribute to a pleasant work environment, less stress and better use of time – in one word, efficiency.’

Director General Dr Hans Rigauts said: ‘Both nurses and doctors who use Mölnlycke Procedure Trays are clearly satisfied with them.’

Austria: Avoiding unnecessary packaging waste

Wiener Privatklinik – an ISO 9001 certified private hospital in Vienna, Austria – has been using procedure trays since 2009. The organisation recognised the benefits of single-use products and customised procedure trays for various procedures.

Denmark: Two staff instead of three

The department of urologic surgery at Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark performs more robot-assisted operations without additional staff, by using procedure trays. The hospital’s department of urologic surgery was first in the country to offer robot-assisted urological surgeries. These operations were initiated without additional staff – a challenge for the department’s management.

Margrethe Willumsen became Head Nurse of the department in 2005 and immediately moved to introducing procedure trays – which she used in her previous job – and the department moved on to perform more robot-assisted surgeries than before, without additional staff time.

For Aarhus University Hospital, procedure trays have enabled faster patient preparation, simpler and more efficient surgical set-up and shorter transition periods between operations. Their patients spend less time in the OR. The surgeons’ time is being used more efficiently. The working environment is less stressful.

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