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Truly customised surgical solutions

We’re improving safety and efficiency in operating rooms around the world. Our customised solutions combine everything a surgical team needs into complete procedure-specific trays – to save time and costs.

One male and two female clinicians talking
Our solutions start with a need

We listen to our customers – healthcare professionals – to learn how we can provide what they need to perform at their best.

They face unrelenting pressure to continually improve the standard of healthcare. To avoid patient and staff infections. Meanwhile achieving the best clinical and patient outcomes – and they’re expected to minimise costs while doing all this.

By working alongside them we understand how truly customised solutions for surgical procedures can simplify their work. Improve safety. Save costs. Help them achieve their surgical goals.

a surgeon and a nurse using surgical instruments
Single-use laparoscopy and orthopaedic instruments

Our complete solutions start with Mölnlycke® surgical instruments and surgical components – so clinicians have the tools they need to achieve good clinical outcomes. We specialise in providing surgical instruments for laparoscopic and orthopaedic procedures.

Laparoscopy specialists performing procedures such as cholecystectomy, appendectomy and hernia repair can choose from a full range of trocars, monopolar instruments and essential tray components.

Orthopaedic specialists performing knee, shoulder and hip surgeries can choose high quality Pulsed Lavage, smoke evacuation pencil, bone wax, skin staplers and other essential items.

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clinicians using surgical drapes during operation
Efficient all-in-one procedure-specific drapes

Our surgical drapes can be included in procedure trays or supplied single-packed. Our BARRIER® range includes standard drapes and all-in-one procedure-specific surgical drapes. It’s easy to save time with all-in-one drapes because draping can be completed quicker than when using traditional surgical drapes – and draping can all be performed by just one person. Some hospitals use more than one staff to set-up drapes before surgery, so all-in-one procedure-specific drapes can save time and costs.

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clinician wearing protection mask
Protection and comfort for staff and patients

Our customers can save even more time and costs by including our BARRIER® surgical gowns in procedure trays. Our BARRIER range also includes scrubs, facemasks and headwear. These products address staff and patient safety by contributing to hospital infection control.

Surgical staff have told us how important it is to minimise air contaminants in the operating room (OR). So we design our BARRIER Clean air suit to offer high resistance to bacterial penetration – so it can contribute to the creation of ultra clean air1.

BARRIER surgical gowns are available as standard or reinforced, for advanced protection. Our surgeon’s headwear and surgical face masks offer comfort and ultimate safety.


1. Kasina, P., Tammelin, A., Blomfeldt, A-m., Ljungqvist, B., Reinmuller, B., Ottosson, C. Comparison of three distinct clean air suits to decrease the bacterial load in the operating room: an observation study. Patient Safety in Surgery 2016; 10(1): DOI 10.1186/s13087-015-0091-4.

image of Mölnlycke tray portal on a screen
Online tool to manage procedure trays

We’ve also developed an online tool so that using procedure trays is easier and even more efficient. Mölnlycke® Tray portal is an online procedure-tray tool that helps benchmark, develop, analyse, change and estimate purchases of customised procedure trays.

Tray portal generates useful information for our customers – data, reports and insights on procedure tray configurations. It makes it easier for healthcare professionals to find cost and time savings.

Our customers were involved throughout the entire design of Tray portal. That’s why Tray portal puts our customers in control of their procedure trays. It’s a transparent system – so they can share information within their organisations. It drives efficiency in all parts of equipment delivery, from logistics to the operating room set-up.

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