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We are your trusted partner in optimising surgical care and preventing infection; sharing our experience, expertise and insight to guide you through the complexities and help to achieve better outcomes.

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How can you optimise and standardise individual procedures?

One major challenge in offering a range of individual surgical procedures is streamlining the process to both optimise and standardise for a variety of surgeries. Under pressure to deliver the best possible outcomes with increasingly stretched budgets, looking for new ways to maximize efficiency creates the opportunity to innovate.

With standardised, but customised, surgical procedure trays, it’s possible to eliminate waste, ensure that exactly the right components are on hand for every procedure, save time, and optimise workflows. Procedure trays offer real-world benefits in the operating room and help support positive patient outcomes.

Discover the difference procedure trays can make


Are you worried about surgical plume?

Smoke plume created during surgical procedures can lead to health problems, such as pulmonary diseases, eye and nose irritation, and dizziness and headaches, as well as exposure to harmful chemicals and biological tissue, bacteria, and viruses. Studies show that the plume from burning one gram of tissue has the mutagenic potential equivalent to smoking six unfiltered cigarettes  .

Smoke evacuation is a key to reducing risk and exposure, keeping the operative field visually clear of smoke, minimizing exposure and helping make OR air safer to breathe.

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Minimising environmental impact in the OR

Procedures in the OR require the highest safety standards, meaning that single-use products are the norm. Recognising the need to develop single-use products in a more environmentally sustainable way, a new approach to surgical drapes will focus on sustainability and traceability. This new approach will contribute to the gradual reduction of fossil-based CO2 emissions in the Mölnlycke supply chain and in production.

Take the first steps toward sustainable draping

Care about what you wear in the OR

What you choose to wear in the OR has a real influence on surgical outcomes and patient safety. Knowing that 1 in 20 patients is at risk of post-surgical SSI, leading to suffering, trauma and longer healing times, and that SSIs cost the system over 10 billion USD per year, doing everything you can to help promote clean air – including your choice of what you wear – is imperative.

Find out how Clean air suits change the patient safety equation


Protecting the most important instrument in the OR

Double gloving keeps clinicians’ hands – the most important instrument in the OR – safe and protected   while supporting surgical precision and performance.

Why double gloving? Every time surgeons and their surgical teams step into the operating room, they are at risk from cross-contamination and exposure to blood-borne diseases as consequences of needlestick and other sharps injuries   . Double gloving practice is an extra preventive measure to mitigate risk .

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