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Healthcare education never ends – even for healthcare professionals. With the Mölnlycke Clinical Learning Hub, you can access online clinical learning covering key wound care, surgical and healthcare topics and continue learning and advancing your knowledge.

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The Clinical Learning Hub is our new source for clinical learning and healthcare education. The Clinical Learning Hub replaces Mölnlycke Advantage, and all the e-learning modules, webinars, podcasts, evidence you found there will form the foundation of the new learning platform at the Hub.

From wound care to perioperative solutions, the Hub delivers your learning needs on demand and at your pace. Continuing professional healthcare education is just a click away across all your devices.

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Listen and learn what wounds have to say

If you listen closely, wounds can speak to you. If you understand how to listen to wounds, you can understand typical and atypical wound healing.
“Wound Talks: 10 Essentials of Wound Healing” is a direct path to learning how to assess a patient’s wound healing. Join Mölnlycke and listen to the Wound Talks series

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Make healing interactive with Microworld

How much more could you gain from education about wounds if the learning were interactive? With Microworld, wound care and healing learning comes to life. Learn more by clicking on the video link or go directly to the site.

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Listen to the voice of wound care

If you enjoy informative podcasts, Wound Care Voices is for you.
Check out this short clip from a recent podcast.

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Watch and learn

Our ongoing webinar series is the place for clinical and best practice learning. Watch this webinar trailer to get a sneak peek.

Find all our webinars at the Clinical Learning Hub

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Wound care

Tune in whenever it suits you and listen to this new podcast, What role does incision care play in patient outcomes?

Guests: Sara Carvalhal and Magnus Enerbäck


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