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At Mölnlycke we encourage our employees and all our stakeholders to speak up and raise their concerns regarding suspected misconduct that violates applicable laws and regulations, Mölnlycke’s Code of Conduct, or applicable industry codes of ethics, including potential or suspected violations of human rights.

How to report

The reports should be made in good faith, i.e. the information provided should be as truthful, correct and complete as possible, to the best of the knowledge of the person submitting the report. Our Ethics Hotline is available to anyone who wishes to raise a concern about possible misconduct within Mölnylcke’s activities.


All reported concerns are treated confidentially both during and after investigations. Mölnlycke always keeps all information related to the reported concerns confidential, including the identities of the reporter and anyone involved in the investigation of the report. The information is shared with a limited number of people on a 'need-to-know basis' and Mölnlycke will only disclose it outside this small group if required to do so by law.

Report ethical concerns

Contact Ethics Hotline

Ethics Hotline

Mölnlycke uses the Convercent solution as Ethics Hotline. Please note that you can select the language in which you feel more comfortable reporting and that it is possible to report anonymously in all countries where this option is permitted by local authorities. You can report in writing or you can use the phone lines.

To find out how we process your personal data please read our privacy notice.