Life at Mölnlycke

Mölnlycke voices

Explore why Mölnlycke is an inspiring place to work.

  • "When I joined Mölnlycke I found a very diverse and enagaged team."

    Michael Perkuhn, VP Digital Wound Care, on having the opportunity to contribute to Mölnlycke’s vision.

  • "I'm proud to be part of the Mölnlycke organisation, and be part of our journey to Revolutionize care for people and planet."

    Jennifer Doak, Global Communications Director Wound Care – Corporate Brand Communications, on her Mölnlycke journey.

  • "I don't have to fit into a rigid corporate framework or hide who I am."

    Muberra Karavelioglu, Global Digital Specialist, IT, on being free to be her authentic self at Mölnlycke. 

  • "It's a company culture that is very open."

    Sofia Almqvist, R&D Manager Bioactive Research, on what Mölnlycke’s culture means to her.

  • "What motivates me to go to work every morning is that I do something that clearly makes a difference to people."

    Mattias Bergqvist, Senior Material Developer

  • "Everyones opinion matters and everyone is heard."

    Elin Hammar, Senior Product Developer on being heard and supported at Mölnlycke.

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