Pioneering since 1849

The history of Mölnlycke is one of innovation

Healthcare professionals and their care for patients have always been our focus. Right from our early days as a textile manufacturer supplying gauze to Swedish hospitals.

Did you know?

Every minute, we manufacture about 400 pairs of Biogel® gloves

There are more than 16,000 different customised Mölnlycke procedure trays

Each day, our Mölnlycke tray factories process more than 800,000 components

  1. 1849

    Mölnlycke AB is founded as a textile business. By the early 1900s the company becomes one of the main gauze suppliers to Swedish hospitals.

  2. 1920

    Swabs and dressings are prepared by nurses and patients, using industrially-produced gauze. Dirty gauze is often laundered and re-used.

  3. 1950

    Mölnlycke pioneers the industrial manufacturing of swabs and wound dressings in Sweden, gradually replacing hospital manual work with pre-packed products.

  4. 1960

    Mölnlycke introduces a range of new materials and techniques designed to reduce bacteria spreading. The company focuses on promoting the change from multi-use textiles to ready packed, single-use dressings, drapes and surgical gowns.

  5. 1980s

    Thomas Fabo invents the revolutionary Safetac® technology, which reduces pain and tissue damage in wound management. In 1989 Mölnlycke launches Mepitel® wound contact layer – the first product using Safetac.

  6. 1990

    Thanks to continued strong growth, Surgical and Wound Care are divided into two fully-fledged business areas. Flagship wound care products include Mepitel®, Mepiform® and Mepilex®. ProcedurePak® trays are introduced in 1999.

  7. 2000s

    Success continues with the introduction of BARRIER®-branded drapes and gowns. Mepilex® Border launches in 2001 to treat chronic wounds.

  8. 2010s

    After the discovery that Mepilex® Border is also effective at preventing pressure ulcers, Mölnlycke’s third business area, Prevention, is born.

  9. 2020s

    Mepilex® Border Flex and Granulax® oxygen therapy.


1975 Acquired by SCA

2005 Merged with Regent Medical and Medlock Medical

2007 Acquired by Investor AB

2009 Aquired JKT

2010 Acquired Rynel

2016 Acquired Sundance

2018 SastoMed GmbH

2019 M&J Airlaid Products A/S


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