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Below, it is described how Mölnlycke Health Care AB, company reg. no. 556547-5489 (“us”, “we” or “our”), use cookies and other similar technologies that gather information regarding visits on and use of our website and its associated sites, (jointly referred to as the “Website”).

  • The Website uses so-called cookies. The Website uses the cookies and other similar technologies listed in this policy.

    The time for which a certain cookie is activated is specified under each specific cookie under the headline “Lifespan” in the list linked below. There are two types of cookies: 1) persistent cookies and 2) session cookies. For cookies where the Lifespan is labelled as “persistent”, cookies are activated for up to 6 months and thereafter deleted from your device. For cookies where the Lifespan is labelled as “session”, cookies are activated as long as the browser remains active, which means that the cookies will be deleted when you exit your browser and/or leave the Website.

    If you choose not to accept cookies, some of the functionalities of the Website may be limited. Exactly what the impact will be on the Website’s functionality is further specified under each category of cookies in the Website’s cookie settings.

    Cookies may gather personal data, such as IP-address. All such personal data is processed in accordance with the Website’s Privacy Notice which can be read under the category called “Site Visitors”.

  • We use pixel tags, web beacons and similar technologies that enable, among other things, the tracking of your activities when you use the Website or receive e-mail messages from us, (jointly referred to as “other technologies”). Other technologies may be used in connection with our Website, our online advertising, or our e-mail messages, either by us or by our service providers, business partners or other third parties.

    Other technologies are used to collect typically anonymous data to help identify certain information, to compile reports on tracking information regarding demographics, patterns and purchases on the Website, and other information to improve the user experience and our services. We may share these reports with for example our marketing partners. The tracking information in these reports cannot be traced back to individual users. We may co-ordinate the tracking information with other personal data provided by users of the Website for the purpose of analyzing the information. When such co-ordination is performed, all the coordinated information is processed as personal data in accordance with the Website’s Privacy Notice which can be read under the category called “Site Visitors”.

    We may use other technologies in our HTML-based e-mails to let us know which e-mails that the recipients have opened. Other technologies may also be used to identify why you visit the Website, e.g. if any online advertisement or e-mail has brought you to the Website.

    Other technologies may also be used by other companies to track visits to their websites, to identify whether such internet traffic came from our Website or to confirm your eligibility to receive services or benefits.

  • If you do not accept our use of cookies or other technologies, you can in addition to changing the settings in the Website’s cookie settings, set your browser not to accept cookies or other technologies. Through the browser, you can also delete previously stored cookies. Please refer to your browser’s help section for more information. Also, you can at any time delete cookies manually from your hard drive.

    If you disable a cookie or a category of cookies, or other technologies, some of the functionalities of the websites you visit may not be able to function as you expect them to. Disabling cookies or other technologies does not delete existing cookies from your hard drive unless manually completed through your browser function.

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