Get started with professional healthcare education

Healthcare education never ends – even for healthcare professionals. With the Mölnlycke Clinical Learning Hub, you can access online clinical learning covering key wound care, surgical and healthcare topics and continue learning and advancing your knowledge.

The Clinical Learning Hub is our source for clinical learning and healthcare education. The Clinical Learning Hub replaces Mölnlycke Advantage, and all the clinical content you found there will form the foundation of the new learning platform at the Hub.

From wound care to perioperative solutions, the Hub delivers your learning needs on demand and at your pace. Continuing professional healthcare education is just a click away across all your devices.

Wound Talks: 10 Essentials of Wound Healing

Are you able to hear what wounds are trying to tell you? Do you know how to tell when wounds are healing normally by what the wound itself “says”?

Join us to get healing moving.

Microworld: An interactive learning opportunity

Interactive learning offers a more hands-on approach to professional healthcare education. Microworld offers a way to make wound care education come to life for more effective learning. Click the link or go directly to Microworld.