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Looking back we've always looked forward


Safetac® - a soft-silicon contact layer which is a gentle adhesive. It provides less pain and damage to the skin during dressing changes. This Mölnlycke innovation is today a global standard within woundcare dressings.
Pressure Ulcer Prevention -  already in 2005, Mölnlycke pioneered this area with the usage of 5-layer sacral and heel dressings for preventing hospital-acquired pressure ulcers. Today we have clinical, scientific and health economic evidence to prove the dressings efficiency. 
Oxygen Therapy – entering a new field with the topical haemoglobin spray Granulox® for oxygenation of chronic wounds. 

Do you want a future with Mölnlycke?

Imagine a future where healthcare professionals are armed with smart, connected solutions that enable them to capture and deliver real-time data – and there is no conflict between wound assessment and undisturbed healing.

Imagine the benefits these solutions could bring to clinical decision-making and picture a future when products are supported by monitoring and smart alerts – powering prevention, treatment and compliance .  Think of the improved efficiency – the freeing up of resources and capacity.

This is a vision we are working towards. We want to channel technology to make this a reality and transform the way healthcare professionals are able to care for their patients.

Let's discuss the future of wound management together

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