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Mepilex Border Flex using Finite element modeling

The conformability advantages 

Using FEM, we observed that Flex Technology allows for an even distribution of stress forces through the dressing pad and onto the wound bed and surrounding skin. For patients, this means increased comfort and a reduction of stresses which cause blistering. With Mepilex Border Flex, pressure at skin level is reduced by up to 70% compared to Allevyn® Life  .

Positive impact for stay-on-ability

Flex Technology supports longer wear times by reducing stress on the border area by an average of 20% compared to Allevyn® Life, helping to prevent early detachment. The patent-pending design combines Flex Technology with Safetac® technology in the wound contact layer to reduce pain and trauma while helping the dressing to stay on  . It stays in place better than other foam dressings, for up to 7 days.  *



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