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Dr. Marcin Malka, angiologist, surgeon and medical affairs director share on how they use Granulox and Granudacyn in venous leg ulcer management in the PODOS Medical and Podology Clinic, Warsaw.


Listen to Peter Kurz, CEO Wund Plege Management GmbH share his experience about Granudacyn®.


Further product information


Irrigation solution and spray: for cleaning and for precise application and dosing

Granudacyn can be used for instillation with NPWT (negative pressure wound therapy).

Product information

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Granudacyn® irrigation solution

360150 50 ml spray
360100 250 ml spray
360101 500 ml
360102 1000 ml
360103 500 ml NPWT
360104 1000 ml NPWT


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Granudacyn® wound gel

360107 50 g
360108 100 g spray
360106 250 g spray


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