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Puncture-indication double-gloving system

Expert hands are often the most important healthcare tools – we protect them with our Biogel® surgical gloves. Biogel gloves are world-leading, not only in design and performance, but also in promoting the safety practice of double-gloving.

a physician's hand wearing Biogel gloves holding a surgical tool

Yes, double-gloving is wearing two gloves instead of one – Biogel® gloves take the concept much further. The Biogel Puncture Indication system prevents avoidable injuries and exposure to dangerous – and costly – contamination and infection . Our new synthetic Biogel PI Micro Indicator System’s light-coloured outer glove, if perforated, reveals the dark inner glove – so the person wearing the glove, or someone nearby, can immediately notice the visual indication that a change is required.

The Biogel story and double-gloving go hand-in-hand. Mölnlycke® and Biogel lead the world in the promotion of double-gloving as best practice. It’s proven that double-gloving can reduce the risk of inner glove perforation by 71% . Glove perforations can cause surgical site infections (SSI) . As you can imagine, if a clinician’s gloves are compromised, so is their health and the patient’s.

Double-gloving is easy and can prevent costly SSI while protecting healthcare staff and patients from health risks. The International College of Surgeons recommend double gloving for all surgeries.

Safety is paramount. We also understand how important ‘feel’ is for clinicians – especially surgeons. So the non-latex design of Biogel PI Micro is thinner, for extra tactile sensitivity.

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