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train transport increased

Mölnlycke has played a key role in equipping healthcare professionals with vital staff clothing and protection during the pandemic.

Our Logistics and Supply teams have had to move hundreds of millions of face masks, isolation gowns and other items to healthcare professionals in Europe. While some items had to go by air, we increased our use of train transport significantly – which is both fast and environmentally friendly.

Green electricity

From January 2020, the electricity in our Mikkeli factory in Finland has been 100% carbon-free. The energy that powers our production machinery, lighting, cooling and waste systems now comes from a combination of wind, hydropower and bio energy.

As a result, Mikkeli, which manufactures wound care products such as Mepilex. Border Flex, has reduced its energy-related CO2e emissions by more than 60%.


Mölnlycke trays are now going directly to several customers in the UK, France and Germany from our factories in the Czech Republic.

Direct shipments by pass our warehouse in Belgium and significantly reduce the transportation distance, making a positive impact on CO2e emissions.


We have set up a local distribution centre in the UK to supply our products to healthcare professionals in Great Britain and Ireland.

The distribution centre is in Corby,  Northamptonshire – close to the centre of England. By identifying logistics efficiencies through the new distribution centre, we expect to cut our carbon footprint by more than 40% for these routes, when compared to previous routes.


Until this year, we cleaned the moulds used to produce Biogel. gloves in Malaysia with a 15% chromic acid solution.

As part of our mission to minimise the use of harmful chemicals, we are switching to a new solution which will reduce the use of chromic acid by up to 75%. Even though the new cleaning agent is considerably less hazardous, we are continuing with our procedures to treat water waste properly and prevent air pollution.

This story was first published in the Sustainability report 2020. Read the full report here.

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