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Feel the difference with a Biogel Tech glove

The Biogel® Tech range are hand-specific gloves that have been ergonomically tested to reduce hand fatigue and are designed to be comfortable, even when you are double-gloving      . With high dexterity and tactile sensitivity your hands can do their job, while the Indication System lets you focus without fear of missing a micro hole, tear or puncture  .


Packaging designed for critical environments

The Biogel® Tech range is designed for use in critical environments and are PPE certified. The double-bagged heat sealed packaging complies with critical environment hygiene protocols and ensures simplicity of use as the layers of packaging can be removed one at a time.

  • High quality plastic inner wrap to keep particle count to a minimum
  • The wrapping stays open when unfolded to ensure aseptic donning

The Biogel® Tech range of gloves are made to protect the process, the product and the operator. Biogel gloves are made to such a high standard, we have a whole facility dedicated to quality control. You could say we’re obsessive: every single batch of Biogel gloves undergoes rigorous quality checks, extensive performance assessments and multiple visual inspections along the development stages  . Even more, every single glove (100%) is air inflation tested for holes typically not detected in a visual inspection  .

See how Biogel gloves are made

  • AQL of 0.65 (freedom from holes), determined post packaging  
  • Every glove (100%) is air-inflation tested for holes typically not detected in a visual inspection  
  • Low endotoxin level (<20 EU/pair)  
  • Highly controlled sterilisation to a minimum of 25kGy
  • Produced in a controlled environment with strict hygiene standards throughout the facility. All of our facilities conform to ISO 13485 and ISO 14001  

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