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OR acquired pressure ulcers are a pain.
Here’s relief.

Learn how to protect patients in the OR

As a result of surgery, pressure ulcer development may be:

as high as

 cost per patient
USD 40,000*  


Pressure injuries often start in the OR but only appear later when surgery is over. The good news is that many of these injuries can be avoided if prevention is on clinicians’ minds throughout the perioperative period    . Mölnlycke’s proven solutions help protect patients from head to heel.

Mölnlycke offers comprehensive head-to-heel solutions to help prevent pressure ulcers across the continuum of care.

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*Due to increased length of hospital stay


Professional consulting through the OR Partner app

An easy to use app that will guide OR clinicians through a proven pressure ulcer prevention protocol for their patients.

  • Risk assessment guide to identify high-risk patients based on surgical position and length of surgery
  • Anatomical guide that identifies which products can protect patients and how to use them
  • Practical e-learning modules with clinical experts
  • Printable prevention protocols based on patient’s surgical position for easy reference

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