Innovative and sustainable solutions to enable hands to perform at their best when it matters most.


We deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to enable hands to perform at their best. Surgical gloves play an important role in enabling healthcare professionals to perform at their best. At Mölnlycke® we work with clinical and R&D teams to create surgical gloves that offer optimised fit and comfort while also – thanks to our patented indicator technology – ensuring the protection and safety of both surgical staff and patients.

  • 0
    needlestick injuries occur among healthcare workers each year. (1)
  • 0 %
    of glove perforations go unnoticed during surgery when single-gloving. (2)
  • 0 %
    of glove perforations are detected during surgery when using an indicator gloving system. (3)

  • When the patient outcome is in your hands, you need those hands to be at their very best. Biogel® innovative glove solutions allow you to focus every bit of your professional skill through your hands, while protecting your most valuable assets and keeping them healthy. All our work is led by the conviction that Hands Deserve Better™.

    • Fit for hands
    • Fit for health
    • Fit for situations

Fit for hands

Hands come in many shapes and sizes and so do Biogel® gloves. Our science guides users to the best-fitting solutions based on anatomical measurements and professional needs for maximum comfort and performance.

Fit for health

Hands that save lives deserve the best possible protection. Not just from injury and infection but also from hand fatigue and skin reactions. All Biogel® glove solutions are developed with the overall wellbeing and performance of user’s hands in mind.

Fit for situations

With Biogel® glove solutions, you can trust the gloves you wear to support your procedural needs in every situation. The correct gloves match your need for tactile sensitivities, grip, indication, protection and comfort, allowing you to focus your undivided attention on the task at hand.

More about Biogel®

Everything we do is about supporting the performance of our customers, beginning with the design and engineering​ of Biogel® gloves.

How Biogel® is made

At Mölnlycke® everything we do is about supporting the performance of our customers. This means supplying them with the most reliable – and most precise – equipment possible. For the Gloves Business Area this commitment begins with the design and engineering​ of Biogel® gloves, and flows right through to the OR.


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2 Maffulli N, et al. Glove perforation in hand surgery. J Hand Surg. 1991;16(6):1034-1037.

3 Laine T, et al. Glove perforation in orthopaedic and trauma surgery. A comparison between single, double indicator gloving and double gloving with two regular gloves. J Bone Joint Surg. British Volume; 2004;86(6):896-900.