Mölnlycke is a leading global provider of wound care products and therapy-based solutions.

Wound Care

Every day, patients around the world suffer physically and emotionally from acute and chronic wounds. These wounds can be persistent, difficult to treat and costly to manage. Mölnlycke works with patients, caregivers and healthcare systems to reduce the burden of these wounds through innovative solutions for prevention, faster healing and better quality of life.

Our products and solutions include

Mepilex® Border Flex

Multi-layered bordered dressings designed to conform and stay on complex wounds such as pressure ulcers, leg and foot ulcers and traumatic wounds. 

Exufiber® and Exufiber® Ag+

Dressings used to treat medium to highly exuding wounds including cavities. The dressings transform into a gel upon contact with exudate, helping them to softly conform to the wound bed. Read more about Exufiber® and Exufiber® Ag+

Avance® Solo

A portable battery-powered single use negative pressure wound care system used to draw out exudate and infectious material from chronic and surgical incisions. 

Mepilex® and Mepilex® Ag

Absorbent foam dressings for chronic and acute wounds with Safetac® soft silicone adhesion, helping to reduce pain and minimise damage to the wound and skin at removal. Read more about Mepilex® and Mepilex® Ag.

Oxygen therapy

Solutions include Granulox®, a haemoglobin oxygenating spray used in the treatment of chronic wounds, and Granudacyn®, an irrigation solution for cleansing and moisturising acute, chronic and contaminated wounds, as well as for first and second degree burns. 

Pressure ulcer prevention solutions

Anatomically shaped dressings with Deep Defense® Technology and Turning and Positioning systems, designed to protect delicate tissue and allow easier repositioning of patients to help prevent pressure ulcer development. 

Digital solutions

Digital solutions and AI will drive a transformation of wound care where healthcare providers, patients and systems are connected for improved patient outcomes, reduced costs and informed decision-making. There are challenges involved in adopting new solutions into daily practice, this is why Mölnlycke works closely with healthcare providers, systems and patients to drive this transformation forward.